How does this sound to you?
Decrease your Fear and Anxieties,  allowing you to travel through your birth Empowered.

Avoid a slow & painful labor and take charge of your birth with Confidence.

Maximize your chance of giving birth naturally
Minimize your risk of c-section, interventions or complications.

Armed with everything possible that can allow for a smooth, healthy and meaningful birth.

Birth Wisdom Program

A program to provide you with experiences that increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, therefore increasing your chances of having a healthy, meaningful birth experience. My goal is to get crucial information into your hands because this birth will impact YOUR LIFE the most… NOT your doctors.
This is right for you If  ...
> you want to MAXIMIZE your chance of giving birth naturally

> you want to MINIMIZE your risk of c-section, interventions or complications

you want to be armed with everything possible that can allow for a smooth, healthy and meaningful birth.

> you realize that being educated and supported can decrease your fear and anxieties, allowing you to give birth the way you decide.

> you're ready to travel through your birth empowered, make decisions that align with your values, avoid a slow & painful labor and take charge of your birth.

> you're yearning for relaxation techniques & coping strategies to implement and put into practice ahead of time to make you & your partner better, stronger, and more equipped to handle the unpredictable nature of labor and birth.
What's so Different about 
Birth wisdom?
We will build a solid birth support team and increase your confidence for yourself and your partner during your upcoming birth.  

We will focus on trusting your innate ability to give birth and make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, and parenting as a family.

We will create childbirth strategies to build confidence for your birth. A strategic birth master plan that will serve you over and over ...  no matter how your birth unfolds.

We will practice (and master) the skills required to sustain ease & comfort for all stages of labor, Birth AND Postpartum... spending time on how partners can physically & emotionally support their birthing person during labor and beyond.

We will support you daily & weekly to help you fully prepare for birth & parenthood ... LIVE access to an experienced birth & postpartum doula (me) by your side throughout your entire journey.
What Her Clients Have Said 
Hillery's Birth Wisdom program was absolutely PHENOMENAL! We both learned so much! The biggest takeaway is that you don't know what you don't know, so be open and ready to receive ALL THE INFORMATION! There is so much information about pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care out there, that it is easy to be overwhelmed. I had read countless articles, listened to my friend's and family's recommendations and birth stories, watched different videos on the subject matter, and STILL learned a ton from this course! Before Birth Wisdom, I felt like I could not think of any questions to ask my OBGYN. However, with all the topics discussed in the class, I had new questions at each subsequent doctor's appointment. All the information provided was extremely helpful and, to us, unbiased. Our favorite thing about Birth Wisdom is Hillery's realness. She is super down to earth, easy to talk to, keeps the subject matter interesting and medical jargon free, and empowers BOTH parents to feel confident during their journey. we would recommend this course to all expecting parents!

Before I took Birth Wisdom I felt anxiety regarding fear of the unknown and lack of coping/pain management skills but, after working with Hillery I learned the laboring process and how my partner and I can be a team throughout. As well as learning how to not have a slow and long labor, the different positions that are helpful and how I can use my strength & trust myself through the process. We also feel so prepared for breastfeeding and how to care for our baby and ourselves throughout postpartum.
– Jackie L.
This program has given me and my husband the confidence & ability to ask the right questions to my care providers and speak up for ourselves and our baby. It has honestly impacted my heart and opened my eyes to all the good that comes from childbirth and the control I have over my own body & mind to make my experience positive, regardless of any situation that may arise. I'm fully prepared and feeling better and better each day about the idea of giving birth and so thankful I found your program.  
Here is how it will work:  
When you join Birth Wisdom ... 
  •  You'll be a part of and have Daily access to me inside our Private, dedicated Facebook group full of smart couples just like you to provide the support and community you need from pregnancy through parenthood. 
  •  You'll have Just-in-time Training's on Facebook Live and group coaching calls on Zoom so that you NEVER stay stuck or not know what to do. 
  • You'll have 24/7 access to the membership portal (that grows each week) with the step by step confidence building birth & postpartum strategy for you and your partner.
  • ​Avoid that cookie-cutter experience of childbirth that leave so many women crushed and defeated and instead help you have the kind of birth that leaves you feeling empowered and strong, and provides you with experiences that increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, therefore increasing your chances of having a meaningful birth experience and starting your parenting journey off on a positive foot.
Time and Money SaveD:
Avoid the costs of unnecessary interventions and medical procedures by knowing what to expect and how to navigate our complex medical system. 

     One important thing I want you to know is that, in the US and the developed world, the medical system for childbirth in a hospital setting is very controlled and complex. And because of this, our present medical system impacts millions of families every year.
     In the US 1 in 4 women have their labor induced. The US C-section rate is about 1.3 million children each year. The US is the only country in the developed world with an exceptionally high and rising maternal mortality rate, even higher for low income women of color. Birth trauma is estimated to occur in 33% to 45% of all births in the US and Australia. 1 in 6 moms and 1 in 10 dads suffer from postpartum depression.

     These statistics are shocking, I know. This information is not meant to scare you, but to prepare you. Prepare you to navigate our present medical model of childbirth and learn how to speak up for yourself to encourage better birth outcomes for your baby and generations to come. 

     My goal is to get crucial information into your hands so you can ask the right questions & advocate for yourself because this birth will impact your life the most… not your doctors.

- Birth Wisdom -

Confidence Building Birth Strategy & Empowerment Model

Will help you create childbirth strategies through guidance + support to build confidence in your body, trust your innate ability to give birth and make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.. 

Go from being afraid about how you will manage pain and navigate the unknown to feeling confident, ready to overcome the unpredictable nature of labor & birth.

After working together, you’ll feel confident about your birth options. Learn how to avoid going overdue, a slow labor, and unnecessary interventions and medical procedures. 

You'll have a strategy to remain calm and relaxed in labor. Your mind and body prepared and equipped for managing painful contractions and whatever lies ahead that can allow for a smooth, healthy and meaningful birth while building a strong foundation for your parenting journey. I’ll help you turn “ON” your courageous power switch to trust your body and own your birth every step of the way! 

My care for you doesn’t stop at birth. Every newborn will not come with a manual. Instead, I will be your postpartum travel guide to help cultivate your skills as a new parent so that you feel secure and cared for, have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, and less postpartum depression than those who do not.

What is included inside 
Birth wisdom?
During Birth Wisdom you and your partner will become familiar with the stages and events of labor & birth to increase your confidence, we will address any fears or concerns you both may have, learn specific tools to prepare mentally and physically to decrease intensity and pain, ways to progress in labor to shorten the duration, how to stay with what’s happening in the moment and let go of expectation, how to cope with labor together, common interventions and questions to ask your doctor, along with relaxation techniques and positions for birth so you can move comfortably and safely through the entire childbirth process.

Extras involve ... a postpartum plan, breastfeeding class, and infant care to prepare you for caring for you baby at home.
Topics covered will include... 
(list not exhaustive)
  • ​ ​Body. Voice. Action approach for a BOLD Birth
  • ​Anatomy & Physiology, easiest for baby into your arms
  • ​Understanding Childbirth w/ Confidence & Connection
  •  ​Signs of Labor, Stages & what to do for each phase  
  • Empowered Birth Preparations for your Body & Mind​
  • ​Appropriate uses of Medical Technologies & Interventions
  • ​Advocate & make Informed Decisions during Labor
  • ​Hands-on Labor Coping Strategies 
  • ​Partner Support Techniques​
  • ​Comfort Techniques & Positions to Decrease pain
  • ​Gravity Fed Positions to ease intensity of pain
  • ​How to work with Fears and Anxieties 
  • ​Postpartum Nest Building Plan
  •  Breastfeeding Basics
  • ​Immediate newborn care & procedures
  •  What to Expect during the 1st weeks
A new baby brings excitement, nervousness, and curiosity all in one breath.
Come learn the tools to prepare, guide, and nourish the birth experience YOU want
Here’s what your birth could look like:
Making informed choices based on what you value

Effective Communication w/ your Healthcare Team

Reduced use of Pitocin

Fewer Requests for Pain Meds

Less likely to need Forceps & Vacuum
Reduced likelihood of Cesarean Birth

Better APGAR scores for Baby

Greater Satisfaction with overall Birth Experience

More Positive Long-Term Memories

Decreased Anxiety

Increased Confidence

Boosted Self-Esteem

Improved Postpartum Mental Health

Higher likelihood of Breastfeeding

Comfort & Reassurance

Improved Relaxation

Increased Self Advocacy
You’ll Also Receive These Tools and Support...
bi Weekly live support CALLS for practice, preparation, AND Q&A support


1:1 personalized support from your Childbirth coach 
10 birth STRATEGY Steps with easy to follow implementation & partner support


Guided Meditation Audios for pregnancy & birth

Zoom Training and HandS-On Feedback

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get 
when you JOIN birth wisdom!
  • ​3rd Trimester Pregnancy & Childbirth Mentorship ($697 Value)
  • ​Pain Management Strategy and Training ($197 Value)
  • ​1:1 Call with your Childbirth Coach ($97 Value)
  • ​10 Childbirth Strategy Steps and Training ($397 Value)
  •  Postpartum Strategy and Training ($197 Value)
  •  BONUS #1: Guided Meditations for Pregnancy & Labor ($97 Value)
  •  BONUS #2: Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($497 Value)
  •  BONUS #3: Q&A Hot Seats, Implementation Challenges  ($497 Value)
Total Value = $2,576
Your Cost = $397 
Weeks from now you can either be stuck in the same place, overcome with the fear of childbirth & the unknown OR have a solid foundation and a step by step strategy for managing contractions and whatever lies ahead that can allow for a smooth, healthy and meaningful birth while building a strong foundation for your parenting journey! You choose...

Hillery Lyen

P.S. I hope you know how much I believe in you & your partner becoming Birth Warriors!
Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:
What kind of access will I get to Hillery as a member of Birth Wisdom? 
All members will get access to Hillery multiple times per month via live calls and hot seats. You will also have access to her daily via the private FB group as well as the opportunity to earn private calls just by taking action and implementing what you learn. 
What kind of payments do you accept? 
I do offer discounts for payment in full, otherwise monthly payment plans are available. Payment is preferred via Stripe but Paypal is also available upon request. 
What type of platform is used for coaching? 
I specialize in LIVE group support through Zoom, 24/7 access to our membership site, and Just-in-time trainings/workshops in our private Facebook group. 
Can I just teach myself through books and google searches? 
You might be thinking, birth is so unpredictable, how can I cope with the unknown? What will the pain of labor be like, what can I do about it, will I need an epidural? How can I plan for something I have no control for what the outcome will be like, feel like, and look like? Losing sleep, anxiously thinking about all the changes that lie ahead. You have read tons of pregnancy books and find yourself doing 4 a.m. google searches about the things you are feeling and noticing as your body changes and the life inside you grows. 

What you don’t know is that much of the information on the internet is horribly outdated, inaccurate information, even on well-known websites. Learning evidence based information through Birth Wisdom will arm you in making educated decisions for yourself and your baby. Learning what relaxation techniques to implement and put them into practice ahead of time makes your better, stronger, and more equipped to handle the unpredictable nature of labor and birth
Do I really need to take a childbirth class, can't I just show up and my doctor will tell me what to do? 
Choices that are made for you or that happen by default during childbirth, really aren’t choices at all. In other words, if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any. Educating yourself about your choices and being actively involved in decision making about pregnancy and birth will fill you with more satisfaction as you walk through your journey into motherhood/fatherhood. Birth Wisdom teaches you how to make evidence based decisions sensibly and positively, not anxiously and gullibly. Birth is something you do, NOT something that is done to you.
My body doesn't need to do anything or any extra preparations for birth, right? 
Of course, the body knows what to do, but it needs preparations.
#1 How prepared your mind is #2 How prepared your body is
Let’s face the reality here. In most hospital settings: Your birth is on the clock. 1. *Due Date 2.*Labor Duration (1cm dilated/hour)
So we need to focus the body’s laboring energy and prep the body to birth with confidence, grace & efficiency.

How can Birth Wisdom impact my life? 
Your memories of birth can influence your confidence and self-image in the future. Childbirth educator Penny Simkin says, "The potential for positive impact is great, but it takes planning, advance preparation, and safe, respectful nurturing. I'd urge women to take their upcoming childbirth very seriously. It matters too much to turn the experience of a lifetime over to someone else." 
Your baby's birth is a life-changing event, and it is your experience - not the hospital's, not your obstetrician's or midwife's - to remember and cherish. If you seize the opportunity to prepare for and expect a positive birth experience, you'll find that giving birth increases your confidence and strengthens your self-image - which will make you a more capable woman in all aspects of your life.
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