Confidence Building Birth Strategy & Empowerment Model
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ONE TIME OFFER: Grab my PRIVATE CHILDBIRTH COACHING CALL (regularly sold @ $197) ONLY $79 Today! Together we create your Unique Birth Support Plan, Pain Management Strategies, how to make Informed Choices based on what you value for this birth, and so much more. The exact same support I personally give families for Doula care! Just $79 today!

If you want guidance + support to build confidence in your body, trust your innate ability to give birth and make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.   You're in the right place!

Here's What You Get:
  3 Months of High-Touch, VIP Mentorship and Exclusive Support from an experienced doula (me) and my team of rockstars!   
  Daily access to me inside our Private, dedicated Facebook group full of smart couples just like you to provide the support and community you need from pregnancy through parenthood.       
  Just-in-time Trainings on Facebook AND Bi-Weekly Group Coaching calls on Zoom with me LIVE! To provide you with direct support, accountability and mentorship from someone who has experienced and coached hundreds of couples through the journey into birth and parenthood. I'll be showing up for you with encouragement and loving guidance the whole way.   
  PLUS 24/7 access to the membership portal (that grows each week) with the step by step confidence building birth & postpartum strategy for you and your partner.       
  Workshops for your Birth Partner to help your partner feel more knowledgeable and confident in their support role, so that you always appreciate your partners' help. Giving them the kind of practical guidance and tools they need during this challenging and unforgettable time.      
  BONUS: Exclusive Postpartum Support My care for you doesn’t stop at birth. We bridge the gap into postpartum and early parenthood because every newborn doesn't come with a manual. Instead, you'll have a postpartum travel guide to help cultivate your skills as a new parent so that you feel secure and cared for, have greater feeding success, greater self-confidence, and less postpartum depression than those who do not have exclusive support.           
Your Cost Today:
Only $2576 $397
 We would encourage all parents-to-be to take this program, and now, have greater understanding, clarity, and confidence as we await our son's arrival. It is evident that Hillery cares deeply for mammas, babies and husbands/partners. Huge bonus: the new friendships with other families!" —The Nortons
 Grateful to have this. We learned so much and feel more prepared heading into labor, delivery and beyond. Thank you, Hillery." —Lindsay
 Hillery has been an absolute blessing to our experience! We loved it so much that we have hired Hillery on to be our doula for both prenatal, postpartum, and placenta encapsulation! We are thrilled to have this amazing support through our journey." —Kat
"Avoid that cookie-cutter experience of childbirth ..."
that leave so many women crushed and defeated and instead have the kind of birth that leaves you feeling empowered and strong, and provides you with experiences that increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, therefore increasing your chances of having a healthy, meaningful birth experience and starting your parenting journey off on a positive foot. 
Here’s what your birth could look like:
Making informed choices based on what you value

Effective Communication w/ your Healthcare Team

Reduced use of Pitocin

Fewer Requests for Pain Meds

Less likely to need Forceps & Vacuum
Reduced likelihood of Cesarean Birth

Better APGAR scores for Baby

Greater Satisfaction with overall Birth Experience

More Positive Long-Term Memories

Decreased Anxiety

Increased Confidence

Boosted Self-Esteem

Improved Postpartum Mental Health

Higher likelihood of Breastfeeding

Comfort & Reassurance

Improved Relaxation

Increased Self Advocacy